Time – 2018
Collaboration with Marco Schindelmann

  • Marco Schindelmann as Collage Vivante in costume – Ink jet on paper and mixed media.

  • Marco Schindelmann as Collage Vivante (at night)

  • Wall collage (detail) – Ink jet on paper and mixed media

Time  ©2018
Collaboration with Marco Schindelmann

Terry Braunstein and Marco Schindelmann (Collage Vivante) for soundpedro 2018

Soundpedro is an annual ear-oriented multi-sensory event, presenting artists whose work addresses sound and aural perception in combination with other senses, produced by the Long Beach artist group FLOOD, and hosted by Angels Gate Cultural Center. Unlike music, sound art is the aural equivalent of cinema, painting, theater, sculpture, and literature. “Sound art” as a term has been variously dated to 1974, 1979, and 1982. Since then artists have taken the genre in a variety of directions. Reframing the act of listening, works and performances explore the progression of sound from hearing to experience.
Soundpedro is not a music event. It is an experimental niche art event presenting ear-oriented art that investigates the way we perceive and experience sound.