Illuminations – 2006

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Illuminations ©2006
Cerritos, California 50th Anniversary Sculpture     10′ x 6′ each page

Stainless steel, glass mosaic, glass
Fabricators: Carlson and Co., CA and Franz Mayer of Munich, Germany


When the artist received the commission to produce an artwork commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Cerritos, she visited its Library, which is a statement of how much culture and education are valued by the Cerritos community, and the decision was made to focus on education as the basic theme for the 50th Anniversary sculpture. The artist presented a sculpture in the form of a large open book. This sculpture is now located between the Cerritos Library and the Cerritos City Hall.

Cerritos is known as a “Tree City”, because of its many parks and green spaces within its city limits, and the Tree of Life was proposed as a metaphor for its 50-year growth – citizens continuously growing – intellectually, spiritually, and financially. The Tree of Life has existed in every culture, throughout recorded time, representing learning, growth, and development, and was particularly pertinent because of the diverse cultural backgrounds of the people of Cerritos. It can be seen in African woodcarvings, Asian tapestries, New and Old Testament images, Mexican ceramics, Islamic decorations, Christian paintings, Jewish Kabala, Buddhist wall murals and Mayan paintings. The Tree of Life reinforces the continuation of growth, and the many positive contributions that the citizens of Cerritos make toward their community’s life.