Navysphere – 2004

  • Navysphere 2006 15' high

  • Navysphere Detail

  • Navysphere panel 1

  • Navysphere panel 2

  • Navysphere Sailor panel detail

Navysphere  ©2004
Long Beach Navy Memorial
stainless steel, brass and bronze sculpture with porcelain enamel panels
15′ high
Fabricators: Cinnabar, CA and Enameltec, Canada
Queensway Bay, Long Beach, CA

The Long Beach Navy Memorial is located on city parkland at Rainbow Harbor, south of the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. In order to provide a context and historical narrative about the importance of the Naval presence to the City of Long Beach, a 15-foot high armillary sphere was constructed to contain images conveying the story of the Navy in Long Beach. An armillary sphere is an ancient instrument of maritime navigation — images of Long Beach naval history replace the traditional images of celestial bodies that normally circumscribe the main ring. These images were created through the technique of collage, fabricated into porcelain enamel, bringing together pictures evoking the history and people of the Long Beach Naval Station and Shipyard with images of ocean travel throughout the ages.