Directions – 2008

  • Pavers at bus station

  • Ceramic tile possiblities

  • Swimmer, Long Beach Blvd. at 6th St.

  • Renaissance Pointer at Anaheim St.

  • Long Beach Blvd. at Anaheim St. NE corner

  • Exercising Woman Willow St.

  • God's Hand 6th St.

  • Long Beach Blvd. at Anaheim St. SE corner

Directions, completed 2010
Long Beach Transit Bus Station Enhancements
ceramic tiles 12″ x 12″ to cover approximately 30′
samples of ceramic tiles 12″ x 12″ each

For the Long Beach Transit Station at 6th Street and Long Beach Boulevard, approximately 140 fabricated ceramic tiles (12″ x 12″ each) will be installed at two different sites, across the street from one another. These groups of tiles will present hand, figure and art historical images in “motion,” culled from different time periods, representing different cultures. Some of the images will be black & white photographs; others will be color and black and white drawings or paintings. The fabricated tiles will be in groups of hands, figures, and art historical images gesturing in the direction of the 6th Street Blue Line Metro Station.

These groups will be connected via a “blue line” of fabricated blue tiles. When joined together in this manner, they will create a visual dialogue about non-verbal communication, speech, and gesture, while simultaneously showing the way to the crosswalks at Long Beach Boulevard leading to the Blue Line Metro Station.