Katzen Museum at American University, Washington, DC

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Who is She? Terry Braunstein  2020
June 13, 2020—August 9, 2020

The solo retrospective exhibition Who is She? Terry Braunstein was scheduled to open on June 13, 2020.  It was to be the exhibition curated by Claudia Bohn Spector and Sam Mellon that was at the Long Beach Museum of Art in 2013 along with newer works.  In February 2020, the Katzen Museum announced that all one person exhibitions for 2020 would be virtual due to the coronavirus. The exhibition was, therefore, exhibited on their website. In April, the museum hosted a discussion between the director, Jack Rasmussen, and the artist about the work and career of Terry Braunstein.

View Interview with Curator Jack Rasmussen HERE


“Reflections” at the Long Beach Museum of Art

Reflections--Installation at LBMA 2

Terry Braunstein’s installation, Reflections, has been acquired by the Long Beach Museum of Art and made its debut in the exhibition Women Artists of California—Seven Decades from the Permanent Collection, which was at the museum from January 25—April 26th, 2020. 

At this time, the Getty acquired four more of Braunstein’s artists books for their collection, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art acquired three Cibachrome photographs.

Reflections--Installation at LBMA


Terry Braunstein and Dinah Berland at Michael Stearns Gallery

This exhibition, “Places Without Walls,” which took place from September 5th—October 26th, featured a sequence of images and poems by Berland and Braunstein.  Braunstein created an image and presented it to Berland, who responded to the image with a poem.  Then Braunstein created an image inspired by the poem, which was then given to Berland to write a poem in response to the image.  These works were not “illustrations,” but, in every case, responses.

On the day of the opening, the work was introduced by Braunstein, and Berland read poetry from the sequence and other newer poems.

Soundpedro 2018


Terry Braunstein’s costume for “Collage Vivante” (Marco Schindelmann) and installation were exhibited at the Angel’s Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro.  June 2, 2018




Hope is Maybe

Michael Haerteis at Kunst Verorten initiated this art project in collaboration with Jesuit Refu-gee Service in Munich. Based on interviews with asylum seekers, Michael has collected prominent statements that center around these questions: What do we HOPE for? Does HOPE depend on the country of origin? Our language? Our education? Our faith? Our personal emotions?

In a second step, artists were asked to choose a citation from a list, reflect on it, and create or share an artwork. More than 280 artworks, from over 150 artists around the world were submitted. An international jury selected 75 works of art to become part of the exhibition here at the airport of Munich.

Two works by Terry Braunstein and Victor Raphael are included in this exhibition which continues to travel. In Europe.

Was ist HOFFNUNG? Lässt sie sich definieren? Kann man sie teilen? Nachvollziehen?

Oder ist sie rein subjektives Empfinden, geprägt von unserem kulturellen Hintergrund? Unserer Sprache? Unserer Erfahrung?

Diese Fragen legt Michael Härteis von KUNST VERORTEN zugrunde, als er Asylsuchende zum Begriff Hoffnung befragte. Entstanden ist daraus eine Zitatensammlung, die als Inspira- tionsquelle für internationale KünstlerInnen diente. Mehr als 150 Kunstschaffende aus allen fünf Kontinenten haben über 280 digitale Abbildungen von Kunstwerken eingereicht. Die Ausstellung zeigt nun 75 Werke, die von einer internationalen Jur y ausgewählt wurden.

„Hope is Maybe“ – Hoffnung ist Vielleicht: Diese Antwort eines jungen Mannes aus Nigeria – einem Land, aus dem 2017 ein Großteil der Asylanträge vom Bundesamt  negativ beschie- den wurde – hat der Ausstellung ihren Titel gegeben. Das Kunstprojekt Hope is Maybe ist als fortlaufender Prozess konzipiert: Die Über- legungen zur Hoffnung sollen weitergehen, es können weiter Kunstwerke eingereicht werden, die dann in späteren Ausstellungen gezeigt werden. Zusätzlich soll an jedem Veranstal- tungsort ein Hoffnungs-Workshop stattfinden. Das kreative Schaffen der teilnehmenden KünstlerInnen in Verbindung mit den gesam- melten Zitaten bilden die Grundlage zur philo- sophischen  Reflexion.  „Wir möchten Menschen im Alltag dazu anregen, sich mit Hoffnung aus- einanderzusetzen – mit der eigenen Hoffnung und der anderer, zum Beispiel von Menschen auf der Flucht“, so Bruder Dieter Müller SJ, der Mitglied der Jury war.

Die Ausstellung zeigt Kunstwerke von:

Alex Kamweru (E AK), Alwina Heinz (D), Ana Sladetic (HR), Anja Struck (D), Anna Fr ydman (D), Athanasios Aléxo (I), Barbara Steinman (CDN), Béatrice Lebreton (USA), Beverly Ress (USA), Birgit Hef ter (D), Birgit Lochmann (IRL), Camilla Luihn (N), Carolina Pinzon Rivera (CO), Christine Renner (D), Christou Christos (CY ), Cornelia Rapp (D), Eric Mayen (D), Gabriele Stolz (D), Grace Graupe-Pillard (USA), Hagen Klenner t (D), Holger Her twig (D), Ian Kirkpatrick (GB), Jessica Russo Scherr (D), Jo Dunn (GB), Johannes Gerard (NL), Kerstin Römhild  (D), Kevin Ryan (IRL), Kevo Stero (E AK), Klaus Fezer (D), Kuzana Ogg (USA), Lara Mouvée (D), Maria Mathieu (D) , Maria Mijares (USA), Marija Kondres (HR), Mar ta Pieregonczuk (GB), Mar y Rouncefield (GB), Michelle M. Vara (USA), Renata Sinclair (GB), Rochelle Shicoff (USA), Ron Moppett (CDN), Rosa Quint (D), Sarawut Chutiwongpeti ( TH), Shirin Abedinirad (IR), Simone Jimena Rudolphi (GB), Sonia Yousefi Azimi (GB), Susan Plover (GB), Susanne Pohl (D), Tan Chee Hon (MAL), Tanja Fender (D), Terr y Braunstein & Victor Raphael (USA) und Vaiva Kovieraitė-Trumpė (LT ).


COLA 2018

May 3—June 24, 2018

City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs
Presents the 2017/18
City of Los Angeles (C.O.L.A.) Individual Artist Fellowships
Honoring the City’s Creative Spirit

Los Angeles – The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) is pleased to announce the 2017/18 City of Los Angeles (C.O.L.A.) Individual Artist Fellowship recipients. These Fellows will produce a new body of work with grants of $10,000 each and their new works will be premiered by the City of Los Angeles in the Spring of 2018.

These Fellows were chosen in three review-rounds by nine interdisciplinary peer panelists who were curators, educators, non-profit gallerists, museum directors, and/or past COLA Fellows




Installations of small collages, sculptural assemblages, found images and juxtapositions inspired by her explorations into the visual language of scent.
Opening Reception:
Sat., Feb. 24, 6:00 to 8:00 pm
Exhibition: February 24 to March 17. 
The Institute for Art and Olfaction
932 Chung King Road
Los Angeles CA. 90012

Soundpedro 2017

June 3, 2017

An evening of indoor/outdoor site-specific sound installations and ear-oriented multi-sensory presentations. Braunstein created a gallery installation collaboration with Marco Schindelmann.


Who is She? Terry Braunstein, Long Beach Museum of Art

November 20, 2015 – February 14, 2016
Who Is She? – Terry Braunstein


The Long Beach Museum of Art (LBMA), CA

Named after Long Beach artist Terry Braunstein’s eponymous 2013 installation, Who Is She?–Terry Braunstein presented for the first time her original collage work, exhibited to date mostly in photographical reproductions. The exhibition highlighted the artist’s process of culling and clipping, selecting and fusing what is separate and incongruous, the show laid bare the roots of Braunstein’s art, which include early 20th century European modernism and mid-century American assemblage. It also conveyed a new appreciation for her exquisitely skillful and delicate technique in an age of easy digital manipulation. Additionally, the exhibition featured original copies of Braunstein’s celebrated artists books, new assemblage sculptures, as well as models and photographic prints created in conjunction with the dance set Who Is She?

Curated by Claudia Bohn-Spector and Sam Mellon, the exhibition featured nearly 100 pieces and it was her first major museum career-spanning retrospective. It also featured a catalogue with essays by Bohn-Spector and by writer/poet Tosh Berman, and published by the Long Beach Museum of Art and Thistle & Weed Press. In her near forty-year career, Braunstein has engaged a breathtaking array of artistic media and settings—photography, painting, mosaic, printmaking, stone, steel, brass, public art, performance, site-specific sculpture, and even video—revealing layers of hidden meaning beneath the seemingly mundane and obvious.

Engaging and provocative, with deep roots in the art of Surrealism, Braunstein examines life’s passages and other human experiences by creating a compelling visual syntax that is dreamlike, paradoxical, and highly poetic.

Catalog Who is She: Terry Braunstein
Available for purchase $40. Contact the artist on this website.